Car Dealers and DS: a guaranteed partnership.

News | 14/02/2019

Car Dealers and DS: a guaranteed partnership.

You, Car Dealer, who still has not heard about DS Tecnologia Automotiva: it’s time to meet us!

With a certification of NBR ABNT ISO 9001 series standard, DS has a range of more than one thousand product models, divided into gear-shift lever position sensors, fuel modules, speed sensors, fuel module flanges, gas pedal position sensors, detonation sensors, solenoid valves, butterfly position sensors, rotation sensors, absolute pressure sensors, idle actuators, pressure regulators, fuel module flange fittings, pump pre-filters and fuel modules, adjustable pressure regulators, corrugated pump tubes and fuel modules, needle valves, injection nozzle filters kit, monopoint diaphragms, throttle cams, bushing and injection piston kit.

With a CAR MAKER STANDARD, parts produced undergo strict quality tests, when one by one goes through tests.

And to show the highest quality and confidence to distributors, all products have a 1-year total DS WARRANTY.

Trust and work with those who invest and is quality guaranteed in the field of automotive technology.