channel reporting

Welcome to the DS ethics and conduct channel.

The DS Ethics and Conduct Channel is a confidential and secure communication platform available to professionals, partners, and suppliers of DS Schiavetto & Cia Ltda.

Through this channel, DS receives reports and information regarding behaviors that violate its policies, codes, rules, or current legislation. It was created to ensure everyone’s right to express themselves, as the company does not endorse any form of ethical misconduct.

For inquiries about our products and services or for compliments, suggestions, and complaints, please contact our Customer Service via our website:

The information recorded here will be received by the DS Ethics and Conduct Committee, Investigation Committee, and Consequences Committee. Confidentiality is assured and absolute. Only committee members or individuals involved in the investigation are authorized to access the whistleblowers identity. Anonymity will be guaranteed if preferred.

The accuracy of the provided information is the responsibility of the reporter. All information will be thoroughly verified during the investigation process, and subsequent actions will be taken at the company’s sole discretion.

All information will be used for an improvement plan.

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