About us

DS was founded in 1971, in the city of São José do Rio Preto, by Mr. Dorcídio Schiavetto, an auto mechanic. Being a specialist in Simca Chambord vehicles, his biggest problem was to find parts for these vehicles’ carburetor system.

After realizing this obstacle, he started up the production of small amounts of these components and began to sell his products in the market. In 2000, he initiated a project for industrialization of pressure regulators, starting a technological improvement process that led to: an increase in the number of internal employees; improvements in his production processes; NBR ISO 9001 certification by ABNT (Brazilian National Standards Organization).

As a result, he started to attend automotive fairs, becoming well-known in the national scenario, and also entered in the international market. The company evolved throughout the years in terms of technology, production line and environment, aiming the satisfaction of its clients, as well as its internal employees, suppliers and other stakeholders directly related to its organizational growth.

The company currently serves the national and international markets with high-technology machines and equipment and a strict quality control initiated with the analysis of materials, product development, up to the assembly and final test of all parts.


To manufacture automotive products, giving priority to high quality and technology, with the best cost-benefit relation, to the satisfaction of our clients and contributing to the country by creating jobs.


To be a benchmark in the aftermarket, reaching excellence in reliability, products with Technology and Innovation, providing qualification to employees and improving their quality of life.


Discipline; Ethics; Reputability; Organization; Clients, suppliers and employees respect and appreciation

Logo Cultura.

DS Tecnologia Automotiva uses the Japanese-German culture as corporative ideology, which is based on extracting the best from both cultures. The first one, Japanese Culture, is based on the discipline of the eastern people, as the Japanese, who are known for its millenary traditions and capable of performing long processes in a dedicated way keeping a constant level of concentration and discipline.

Another culture that composes this type of corporative ideology is the German culture, characterized, mainly, by the accuracy of Germans. The culture prizes precision in the details aiming perfection, which resulted in great discoveries in engineering mainly for the automotive industry.

Thus, the fusing of these two cultures, Japanese and German, generates alignment of work disciplined with excellent quality, therefore, DS reaches high standards to produce and export high-level products.

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