One of the first companies operating in the aftermarket to obtain the ISO 9001 certification, DS has just been approved and received a certificate of approval accredited by the main Fuel Injection system suppliers, through stringent and periodic audits covering national and international quality management standards and requirements. DS meets the specific requirements of the global automotive market which further strengthen the commitment to quality management and continuous improvement of its processes, whose purpose is to ensure parts with quality of the original. In order to meet this demand, DS has, in its premises, a laboratory fully supported by high-technology and performance machines and equipment designed to provide clients with the certainty of and satisfaction with high-quality products.


All the quality of our products is achieved without losing our commitment to nature.

We have an environmental management system certified in the ISO 14001 standard, with a focus on organizational sustainability, employee education, waste reduction in all areas, and management of solid waste generated.

We also have the FSC seal, which guarantees our full responsibility for the environment, workers' rights, indigenous and traditional peoples, multiple use of forest products and services, and a management plan consistent with the organization's objectives.

Another internationally recognized label is Soy Ink. This means that we use inks approved by the American Soybean Association (ASA), which controls the manufacture of ecologically correct inks, which are developed with technology aimed at reducing environmental impacts.

In other words, when we say “Everything that is good lasts a long time”, we also refer to what we can do to preserve our planet.

Quality Policy

DS searches for being a reference in the automobile market, reaching excellence and reliability, with high-quality products, technology and innovation, following guidelines that meet them:

- Meet its clients’ needs;
- Work together with its suppliers;
- Develop its employees;
- Meet the requirements and continuously improve the Integrated Management System.

Health and Safety

DS aims at its employees’ health and safety. Hence, we invest in their wellness and fully comply with Employment Regulatory Rules (NRs), the Consolidated Labor Laws (CLT) and other applicable laws and regulations. According to a survey carried out on an annual basis, our employees show a high satisfaction rate, which also ensures quality products through the satisfaction of our workforce.