Balcão Automotivo Periodic - CTRA.

News | 19/04/2017

Balcão Automotivo Periodic - CTRA.

As well as in other segments, in the automotive industry there are many specialized communication means, as the Balcão Automotivo Periodic that distributes more than 24 thousand units of the printed version, in addition to a site and an Youtube channel to bring what is best in the sector. 

Therefore, thinking of presenting a good content for its readers the Balcão Automotivo Periodic produced a video specially to explain the step-by-step process to exchange the fuel sensor produced by DS for Ford Fiesta. 

In the video, our Technical Consultant for Products, Alan Diego, demonstrated, as clear as it must be, the procedure from locating the part, that is in the trunk, to the exchange and replacement of the sensor. 

When watching the video, we can compare, in details, the similarity of the original part of the vehicle with the part produced by DS. Moreover, Alan Diego performs tests to prove the quality of the product that has one year guarantee. 

Producing cars is in constant changes and DS proves that it follows this evolution. Watch this and other videos also in our Youtube Channel.